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Ten Weight Loss Myths from

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Here are ten so-called myths about weight loss from While I don't disagree with them from a purely theoretical standpoint, I would not qualify some of them as myths.

For example, number 8, "Eat Many Small Meals Rather Than Three Big Meals," may not be something that can be tested scientifically, or at least proven, it certainly makes a lot of sense to do. You do feel fuller all the time, your body doesn't take giant insulin swings, and you waste less food / caloric content.

When you waste food, you either poop it out, pee it out, or store it as fat. The first two waste money, the third makes you fat.

Try this experiment: Eat a whole pizza at one sitting. You'll feel horrible in an hour or so, if you can get through it. You might vomit. You'll poop up a storm, too.

Now, don't eat anything the rest of the day. You'll be really hungry in a few hours. Now, your body will hoard whatever is left of the pizza and it will store those excess calories as fat. Plus, you're less likely to be active: You won't exercise (you'll still be feeling crappy), you won't want to walk to the store, etc.

Tomorrow, buy a pizza and eat a piece once every 2 hours. See how much better you feel?