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It’s a common myth these days that infertility is simply a woman’s problem.  Because the woman is responsible for pregnancy, people often think that conception is completely her project as well.  However, nothing could be further from the truth, and if you are a couple experiencing problems while trying to get pregnant, you owe it to yourselves to understand the truth about male infertility.  After all, to ignore this issue is to waste valuable time that could be spent correcting it and addressing it properly.

How common is male infertility?

When a couple is having problems conceiving, it’s believed that the problem is usually 50/50, in other words, it’s equally likely that the problem is male infertility as it is the woman’s infertility.  About 1 in 10 couples that try to conceive have difficulty, so you can understand just how common this issue is with men.

What are the common causes of male infertility?

Most people have heard that low sperm count is one of the common reasons for male infertility, but there are others; additionally, there are reasons why a man’s sperm count may be low.  For example, smoking causes much damage to the reproductive system in a man, and can interfere with his sperm production.  Trauma to the genital region or testicles, such as an injury or accident, can also interfere with his sperm productions.

Other common causes for male infertility include malformed sperm.  In order to fertilize an egg, a sperm must be healthy, otherwise it will simply die before it even reaches the egg in the first place.  Another common cause is low sperm motility.  This is also called “lazy” or “slow” sperm.  From a human point of view, the distance that sperm need to travel in order to fertilize a woman’s egg is not that much – only a matter of inches, really – but to the microscopic sperm, it may as well be miles.  And sperm are very fragile to begin with, so if they are not active and mobile, again, there is the chance that they will die in the woman’s system before they can reach that egg.

Blocked sperm ducts are another common cause of male infertility.  When a man ejaculates, only about 1% of that fluid is actually sperm; if his sperm ducts are blocked, this means there will be even less sperm, if any at all.

A high sperm count and healthy sperm themselves are of course crucial for a man to be able to impregnate a woman.  The more healthy sperm he has, the greater the chance of at least one of those sperm reaching that egg.

Male infertility can be treated!

The good news is that many of these conditions can be reversed, or helped along by your doctor; even if it means a medical intervention, most men with low sperm counts or malformed sperm can still help to conceive a healthy child.  So if you’re experiencing problems conceiving, don’t waste another minute assuming that it’s just the woman.  See your doctor today!

Fertility Treatment for Men

Pro Enhance - Dual Satisfaction?

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ProEnhance is generally known as the transdermal patch that helps to the enhancement of the penis by the use of herbal ingredients exclusively. Yet, the patch is only half of the program the producers offer, the other half is represented by a complete set of exercises for penis enlargement that add centimeters to your erectile tissues in a matter of months. To take them in turns, we should begin by saying that the Pro Enhance system is not unique, there are several other competitors that equal a similar program, for almost the same prices.

Pro Enhance specificity

Each patch is designed to insure all the herbal ingredients necessary for a three-day increase in the penile blood flow. At the end of the cycle you'll have to use a new patch following the same instructions. Together with the application of Pro Enhance, you'll also have to devote some time to performing the penis exercises recommended in the second part of the program. It is important that you do not over-work: keep in mind that you are dealing with a gland not with a muscle. The penis enhancement trick here lies in the minor tears in the penis cellular walls that add up new tissue in the healing process.

The exercises combined with the vaso-dilator properties of the Pro Enhance treatment will determine an increase in the penis size. The problem is that many users feel like results are anything but obvious and tend to over-work; the consequences could be really serious given the fact that you can cause injury to the tissues or experience all sorts of discomforts. If used carelessly, the Pro Enhance program can have a negative impact on your health, the very opposite of what you may have been looking for.

Pro Enhance satisfaction rate

It is very interesting to keep a close record of your progress by putting down results every time you notice changes. At the end of a three-month period you should be able to analyze the history of the Pro Enhance use and see whether you should continue or not. Don't forget that there are all sorts of other factors that may hinder sexual performance: alcohol and drug abuse, overweight, smoking and any health problem in the first place. The use of the Pro Enhance system should go hand in hand with a balanced life style and a positive attitude towards both body and mind.

Steps To Ending Severe Back Pain

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Do you have severe chronic back pain, then you know how devastating it can be . It can make it almost impossible to do anything  , and all you can think about is the pain .


Back in the old days , they prescribed bed rest , spinal surgery being your next alternative . Regrettably , while doctors meant well , these suggestions were the least promising ways to treat the severe chronic back pain. Atrophy of the muscles sets in causing decreased body mobility . Doctors now have other treatments available for low back pain, whether severe or moderate .


Surgery As A Last Alternative


A cold compress should be applied at the first onset of pain . This can help maintain mobility in the back, and ease the pain and inflammation . You can create a compress using a bag of ice or frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel . Apply this compress for at twenty minutes at a time several times throughout the first day . After a couple of days of cold treatment, heat can be used, like with a rice sack or heating pad . This treatment can relax the muscles and increase the flow of blood to the injured area, promoting healing. A warm bath can also be soothing.


Bed rest can be used, but not alone and not for extended periods. In studies, it has been found that continuing activities without bed rest after back pain can help the back maintain flexibility. Also, it was found that bed rest alone could make the lower back pain more severe and lead to other complications (like blood clots in legs, depression and loss of muscle tone). It is much better to get back to regular activities as soon as possible. At night or while resting, lie on one side with a pillow between the knees, or on the back with a pillow under the knees.


Exercise! Particularly before it becomes severe lower back pain. Exercise will strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, and that is the key. Generally doctors recommend stretching exercises, walking and swimming. Yoga can also help by stretching the muscles and strengthening the body. Usually, a bit of exercise is a great lower back pain treatment, but if the pain increases, stop exercising and consult your medical practitioner.


Many people find relief of moderate to severe lower back pain by visiting a chiropractor. A chiropractor is trained in the ways to adjust the body and manipulate the spine to fix misalignments that can lead to lower back pain.


Medicines are often heavily relied on to treat severe lower back pain. Sometimes, the medical practitioner will recommend a combination of over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Be sure to check with your doctor to know that they are safe for you.


Common Drugs To Combat Severe Lower Back Pain


Analgesics (like aspirin or ibuprofen), are taken orally, and help reduce inflammation. Counter-irritants (applied as a spray or cream) stimulate the nerve endings on the skin to feel warm or cold, and dull the pain. Topical analgesics can also reduce inflammation and help with blood flow. Antidepressants can be used to dull the pain and elevate the person mood.


Opioids, like codeine, oxycodone, hydrocodone and morphine, should only be used for the most severe lower back pain, and only for a short amount of time, while under a doctor care. These have many side effects, making this less ideal for treating back pain than some other options.



Back pain affects more than 65 million Americans every year. Learn how to avoid being one of the statistics.

Television channels today are constantly churning out more news about the perils of diabetes and its rise in the population in the United States. Thus it hardly surprises anyone to learn that obesity and diabetes are closely linked to one another.

The truth is that the leading cause of diabetes is obesity. When you look at the two together you will no doubt find that obesity does more than make diabetes it is also associated with all manner of diseases such as heart disease, strokes and heart attack.

Obesity and Diabetes go together like ding and dong, the CDC clearly acknowledge that they think obesity is the NO1 cause of Diabetes. They also have gone so far to say that it is the primary reason people get diabetes.

The magnitude of the problem can be judged when one goes by figures released by the Surgeon General that show that overweight children and adults have doubled in their numbers as compared to ten years ago. The result is a drastic increase in Type 2 diabetes, which is a cause that should make anyone worried.

Bad Food Choices

To find out why people are becoming more diabetic we simply need to get to the root of the problem and find the real reason why diabetes and obesity go hand in hand. You only actually have to look at the food people consume.

One of the worst foods to eat is fast food the reason for this is that it is chock full of fats, calories and carbs. All of these combine to make you put on weight and increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Bad Exercise Choices

When your intake includes both fast food and softies, the problem is increased much more because soda contains massive amounts of sugar as well as carbs. This will lead you to becoming overweight and a diabetic. When you combine these types of food groupings into your daily intake you will become obese.

The third important factor as far as obesity and diabetes go is that when people consume such diets, they also tend to neglect to exercise thereby contributing to both obesity and diabetes and to even cause certain heart problems as well.

Thus, it will be in your best interests to become educated about obesity and diabetes and whether or not you are at risk of contracting either disease, you should always be on the lookout for warning signs. You need to understand that excessive soda will make you diabetic and that, the hamburger that you can’t do without may end up making you obese thereby worsening your health and causing more complications including a deteriorating diabetes condition.

No matter if you are considering buying a natural or regular weight pills, no doubt, somewhere in the back of your head you are not sure if these pills will work and if so how they accomplish it.  As the natural tendency with feeling as healthy and lean as possible continues to grow,many people are becoming interested in finding the diet pill or products that are out there and what they promise to produce.

You may be thinking of buying diet pills yourself, here is some useful information that you should be aware of prior to starting.  Sure, there are some fast weight loss pills and products out there that are proven to be effective and which have helped dieters drop weight, but there are also some risks with some that you need to know about.

The problem is, or at least one of the most glaring issues is, that most weight loss aids that are offered on the open fitness market are generally labeled as all natural or herbal because this implies that the government authorities are not able to force the merchant to be able to prove the effectiveness and quality of the product.  Now what you really need is a product that is successful, and so you need clinically proven weight loss pills which are not going to waste your time and that are going to give you the results that you are looking for.

Just make sure, no matter which particular weight loss pills you decide on, that you also make a few important lifestyle changes if you want to succeed the best possible results. This means making wise food choices by incorporating  cereals and whole grain breads, fresh vegetables and fruits, and plenty of water, a minimum of six to eight glasses daily.

You will need to get adequate exercise. After all, you can eat as healthily as you want, but if you are not exercising and boosting your metabolism, you are simply not going to be able to get the results that you are looking for.

Studying reviews will also be helpful to you here, since it will give you an idea on what other consumers has to say about certain weight loss aids.  Save yourself some time, check out reviews of all the best diet pills in one spot and discover some great weight loss tips too.

There is no doubt that proper nutrition is important for anyone who wants to maintain health or who needs to be healthier. And, nutrition is particularly important for athletes who need that support in order to give their best performances. Performance drinks sports mixes can be a very good source of some essential nutritional elements that athletes require and also deliver ingredients that can help the body recover from strenuous activity.

In addition to assuring proper nutrition through making good food choices and through proper balancing of food intake, performance drinks are extremely important to serious athletes as well. These energy sports drinks provide the right elements in the right balance to help the body maintain the proper fluid levels throughout the workout or athletic endeavor.

Maintaining the proper level of hydration will assure that the athlete avoids becoming dehydrated which is a condition that can seriously interfere with performance ability in any sporting endeavor. However, with a good performance drinks sports formula, the athlete can expect to also enjoy a good level of energy and endurance throughout their performance.

While there are some athletes who try to cheat by taking banned substances in an attempt to gain the edge on the competition, a good performance drink formula will not contain any kind of ingredients that will cause the athlete to get into hot water if they are tested. In fact, the best energy sports drinks contain some very simple elements, in just the right proportion, and this helps support the body to do its best.

Performance drink formulas are produced by numerous companies and are widely available at every kind of retail store from general grocery stores to nutrition centers to health clubs and gyms. Sometimes the vast selection of different kinds of sports beverage choices on the market makes it tough for the average person to know which sport drink is right for them and for their needs.

One thing to look for in a sports drink mix is the concentration of carbohydrates in the formulation of the drink. Repeated studies have shown that the optimal level of carbs in an energy sports drink is no less than 6% and no more than 8%. At this range of concentration, the athlete will experience rapid fluid replacement, avoidance of dehydration, and overall improved performance.

Any time that a exercise workout lasts for more than 30 minutes, the athlete will experience glycogen depletion, which in turn will limit the ability to perform well. This is why taking a performance, nourishment drink during the activity is so important. With the right amount of carbohydrates in the endurance drink, the glycogen is restored and the body can continue to perform at peak levels.

In addition to the slight amount of carbohydrates, the best performance drinks sports formulas also contain electrolytes. These are minerals which are also lost during exercise and the inclusion of electrolytes in an energy sports drink will also greatly facilitate the absorption of the fluids by the body.

Well, it is almost swimsuit season and it is time to break out of that winter body and find the body you have always wanted. Nutritional shakes as well as other drinks might be the very ticket to a leaner, more muscular physique that you have forever hoped for. In what way will you accomplish this? One of the end results of sports drinks is that you get the necessary calories as well as the nutrients your body requires while at the same time furnishing the vitamins as well as the proteins, yet not have to suffer any of the unwanted carbohydrates and fats. They keep you hydrated and ready to get back into shape You can start your way to swimsuit season by clicking here: Vegetarian Bodybuilding Supplements and at Body Building also Bodybuilding Workouts

If you suffer from restless leg syndrome - RLS, you'd love a natural cure. The Rls symptoms can range from just annoying to actually painful, and none are something you can just ignore. Whether it strikes when you're sitting in the movie theater, at a movie you just paid big bucks to see (and now you can hardly sit still), or when you're riding in a car or airplane, or at night when you're trying to wind down and go to sleep, having restless leg syndrome is frustrating. Fortunately, there are alternative treatments for restless legs. 

Ways For Handling Restless Leg Syndrome, Natural Cures

First of all, the best way to handle restless leg syndrome is to get your body into a more healthy condition. First, be sure you're getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Whether eating more consciously is sufficient or you want to add a multivitamin supplement, you can do things to improve your diet. Many researchers feel that restless leg syndrome is associated with an iron deficiency and anemia, and other studies show links to a lack of folate (folic acid) or vitamin B12. Hedge your bets and either improve your diet or take a supplement.

You should also eliminate from your diet things that can interfere with a natural cure for restless leg syndrome. Specifically, you should eliminate alcohol and tobacco from your body, as they can trigger or worsen symptoms. Also, caffeine can  exacerbate the problems associated with restless leg syndrome, so eliminating coffee, tea, and sodas from the diet is a wise choice. There are also some medicines (both prescription and over-the-counter) that can cause restless leg syndrome or make it worse. You should talk to your doctor before changing or stopping any medicine.

If you develop good sleep habits it can help you get to sleep easier and stay asleep better. This is important because many people with restless leg syndrome have trouble because the weird feeling in the legs is often worse at night. Some suggestions for this natural cure for restless leg syndrome are: have the room where you sleep as dark as possible, and cool and quiet. Take things out of the room that can interfere with sleeping, like computer, TV and telephone. Get into a regular schedule of when you go to sleep and wake up. Try to not stay in bed awake for a long time. If you can't sleep, get up and walk around, which is good for the legs, too.  

Try some different activities to help with the symptoms of restless leg syndrome. Natural cures you can try include: massage, a hot or cold bath, acupressure, stretching or other exercise, or engaging your brain in other activities that take concentration. When you must sit, choose a place (aisle seat!) where you can easily stand up and move around without disturbing others.

There are many courses of action that an individual can take to maintain or increase their level of physical health. Some of those actions include eating a proper diet that is low in cholesterol, rich in fiber and a decrease in sugar consumption. In addition, a proper diet should be at the appropriate level of calorie consumption to either maintain or decrease one's weight.

Being involved in a physical fitness plan is another important component to maintaining one's health. This plan should consist of at least two major components. Specifically, one type of exercise to increase the cardiovascular level combined with exercises that stimulate the body's muscles.

Beginning Steps

First of all, it is important before beginning any physical fitness program to undergo a physical fitness test. This can be accomplished at a medical office or can be conducted at professional health center.

Ascertaining the level of physical fitness of the individual, their stamina and the strength of the cardiovascular system is the purpose of this process. Based on the results an appropriate physical fitness plan can be developed to match the physical capabilities of the individual.

Stimulating The Cardiovascular System

Increasing the stamina of the cardiovascular system is one of the key elements of a quality physical fitness plan. The heart and lungs makeup The cardiovascular system.

The purpose of this stimulation is to strengthen the heart muscle and to work the lungs which in turn will provide an increased supply of oxygenated blood throughout the blood stream. This is in turn will have a positive effect on all organs within the body.

Swimming, aggressive walking, bicycling and running are examples of a sound physical fitness plan that will accomplish this goal.

Exercising The Muscles

Another important aspect of a good physical fitness plan is to give attention to the muscles of the body. This is important because the muscles of the body not only allow the human to move, but support the skeletal framework.

Weight lifting, resistance exercises, swimming and biking are examples of exercises that accomplish this goal. Furthermore, a physical fitness plan that includes concentration on the muscles should be done on a consistent basis. it is not necessary to lift large amounts of weight, just more repetitions of less weight. As the body ages this is especially true.

For example if weights are chosen the upper body muscles can be exercised Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Additionally, the lower body muscles can be worked on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

A crucial element to sustaining one's health is to be involved in a physical fitness plan. This plan should consist of cardiovascular and muscle exercises...Read more no cost articles at